Welcome, I am Christine DiDomenico
Over the past 10 years my life has expanded in so many ways and I see the world, myself, and other people in a whole new way.

My life has always been filled with many wonderful people and experiences but somehow I always felt overwhelmed and judged myself constantly. Then I came to the awareness that I’m not overwhelmed at all but rather this is what I create and I absolutely love the excitement of a full life. I immediately began to let go of the judgments of me and began to choose to be more. All of the chatter in my head that was telling me I was wrong and that I needed to look around to see how to fit in began to magically disappear.

Now more and more wonderful things are showing up in my life and I’m grateful for every experience I have, no matter what it looks like. My awareness has increased in leaps and bounds to allow me to generate greater possibilities in my life and as a result every day shows up in a different way.

For the past 8 years I have been an Access Consciousness® certified facilitator with 32 years of teaching in the New York State public schools.  I love to share the Access tools with children and adults who are looking for change in their lives. These tools are so easy to use every day and create dynamic change with such ease.

The Access tools eliminate limitations, allow you to function with greater awareness, and bring back the true joy of you. How does it get any better than that?

Access has many dynamic tools including running The Bars™ and Verbal Clearing Processes™ and so much more that will allow you to generate your life the way you desire.  Only you know what works for you. Access is about empowering you to know what is true for you.

So what will it take for you to allow something greater to show up in your life?

Thanks for checking out my website!!!  All the best in your journey for more of you!


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  1. Helloooo Christine,

    My name is Julianna Forgione…I referred Jin Woo Song to you awhile ago and just wanted to connect to say THANK YOU. I have been coaching Jin for several years and absolutely love that he has been able to experience BARS with you.

    Even though his benevolent resistance continues to challenge his choices I keep reminding him that there is NOTHING that compares to receiving BARS…but then you know that already …right?

    I too have been an educator in the “Public School Madhouse” and always feel a “kindred spirit” with another “survivor”!

    Both my husband and I exchange BARS weekly and we are hosting a training led by Barbra Gilman next weekend here in Southern Oregon next weekend. This will be our 3rd training and hopefully be able to certify afterwards. Without BARS…I am “CERTIFIABLE”….( HA HA)!!

    SO…I just wanted to touch base…thanking you again for your contribution to life. I know that Jin is in Florida right now…and will be returning to N.J. at some point in the future. I am just finishing up a real life “Business Flyer Website”…my first fore into the world of exposure…hoping they will “Photo Shop” my wrinkles and Grey hair into the next dimension!

    With Gratitude,
    (541) 899 5453

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