I have experienced this life transforming process. It is among the simplest, most fluid, creative and liberating tools available now to effectively release uncovered limitation and create space to access one’s own truth at all possible levels.

It continues to open spaces in my life to receive even greater awareness, possibilities and transformation. 
From my own personal experience I know this process can allow anyone to access the infinite realm of possibilities of the universal creative matrix of consciousness and live an ever creative life of ongoing harmonic transformation. 
Paola D. Psychologist/Healer – NY.


I am a 78-year-old woman who had a painful condition called fibromyalgia.  Over the years I have tried many alternative approaches to my condition.  Since I have learned about Access, ask questions, have bars sessions, I feel like I have improved so much.  I never use the word fibromyalgia any longer.     Mary – NY


I was introduced to Access Bars during a period of intense personal crisis.  At the time, I was dong my best to accept and welcome drastic changes in my life and not fear them.  I was also working through a mountain of hurt, anger, resentment and regret.  The work I was doing was giving me very positive results BUT, it was requiring a great deal of time and effort.  I said time and effort because I didn’t want to use the word work again and that is exactly the point I am trying to make. I was working way too hard!  I knew that there must be an easier way.  I thought to myself that there must be some sort of body work that will process and release all of this mental and emotional baggage and free me from the bondage of it once and for all… with a lot less work!  About a week later I was at a gathering and I met Christine.  She started talking about a process called the Bars.  My ears perked up and a little voice in my head said pay attention, this is what you are looking for, this will make everything easier!  A few weeks later Christine organized a class.   It is difficult to describe what happened at that class.  When gifting bars I felt so much movement of energy and when receiving I went into a blissful, meditative state. That was very pleasant in and of itself and the after effects of having my bars run was indeed what I had been looking for. In a matter of days everything I had been “working on” became truly irrelevant to the present moment and I felt a peaceful expansiveness replace the constriction and fear.  Elizabeth – NJ


Thanks again for a great evening!!! I left the event aware that I felt extremely alert, but didn’t think any more of it. The next morning when I woke up, it became immediately “clear” to me that for health and comfort reasons, I needed to cut meat and poultry out of my diet. It needed no further debate. And I’ve done so for the past 2 1/2 days and it feels right.  Richard – NYC


Thank you, thank you for such a great gift.  I’ve been practicing w/amazing results.   Tracy – NYC


Amazing! My neck and back feel wonderful. They have consistently bothered me for years following a car accident. I also feel like I have been internally cleansed. I am in love with the bars. I feel like I have regained my life!!! Wanda – CT


It was quite an amazing weekend….. what space to dive right in and go for it …. and with such ease…and so FUN!! as i said in class, i have never felt such freedom to be me. thank you for creating that and more! what else is possible!? Jaclyn – NY


I took the foundation class over with Christine and received more than enough tools to clear away what does not belong to me. I felt I had learned essential tools to clear out what I do not want in my life and discover who I am. This class is fun, real and meaningful. Thank you so much! Christine is a very present teacher, has great leadership skills, great instincts, and is a wonderful gifted teacher.  Anna, NYC


I want to let you know that I really appreciated your presence, the way you conducted the class and the non-judgmental space that you held yesterday.  I have never felt the freedom to ask so many questions in a class and never (ever) expressed irritation in a group like that before!  Cyndy, NYC


I am very grateful for the experience and the learning, thank you. Cyndy, NYC


Christine, I would like to thank you for all the information and the individual attention, you gave me during the classes.  Thank you for your patience.  I have always been a questioning person, looking for reasons, why.  Now I can question, without trying to find the answers.  Lydia, NC
I have been going over the info, and writing a list of clearing statements to run on a daily bases. I noticed in the foundation class info, Gary says it takes three weeks to really notice changes, but I am noticing changes already.  So thank you again, I know this is going to make a huge difference in my life.   Kate, Georgia


Thanks for a great class – your efforts, patience, kindness and insight have made a phenomenal difference in my life and work. Yeah Christine! Nan, Ohio


Christine was my first Access Bars teacher.  I have gone on to become a Bars Facilitator.  I went back to Christine to take the Vision Process class, the Energetic Facelift class, Foundation and Level One classes.  Why do I keep going back to her?  Christine personifies Access Consciousness.  Need I say more?  Well….okay, her classes are not only knowledgeable, but really, really fun.  And “seriously”, how Does it get any better than this?     Patricia – PA



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