And From the Parents…

Just wanted to also let you know that K completed his assignment quickly and with very little assistance from his dad or myself!  Normally its constant questions.  This was wonderful!  I reminded him of the questions this morning before dropping him off so I’m excited to see how his day goes. Thank you!  With love and light Peggy – NY


I’m seeing a remarkable improvement in M disposition toward schoolwork.  She’s no longer combative about doing her required work and she’s more accepting of studying and spending time with her schoolwork.  She even seems to be enjoying some of her subjects.  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical whether or not this energy work would be effective but it really seems to be helping.  Also, thankfully, her self- esteem seems to be improving.  Even my husband remarked that M seems happier and more co-operative.  Thank you for all you are doing to help what was a really difficult situation.  Many thanks! Janet – NY


My son came home from school the day after his first visit to you and we asked him how his day was at school. He said he had a great day. He said this is the first time he was able to go to all my classes and not feel anxious before going into the classroom. Laura – NY


I just wanted to inform you that T has made great progress this week in both behavior and work ethic. He made up some missed work, and he’s been taking the class more seriously. I’m proud of him, and feel optimistic about the final two months of school.  Thank you for your support. Dana, teacher – NY


M seems to be doing better in school and gets his homework
done more efficiently most nights.  It certainly has relieved a lot of my
stress from that aspect. Denise – NY


Not only is my son doing better in math but his grades have gone up in all areas since he has been seeing you. (after just 2 weeks) Christine – NY

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